Bumble bee nest safely removed (for the bee’s as well!)

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.43.50Bumble Bee’s are often mistaken for being dangerous and a risk to your health. Whilst it is true that bumble bee’s can sting (which could affect people allergic to bee stings), they have to be seriously provoked in order to do so.

When possible we advise our clients to be proud of their bee’s! This year however there has been a significant increase in calls from concerned homeowners.


Removing a bumble bee’s nest can be notoriously difficult and often “impossible” if they are nesting underneath someones house or other physical structure.
As a result, these bee’s will need to be left well alone as they won’t be causing any harm.
It is a misconception that bumble bees construct “big nests” like wasps or produce vast amounts of Honey like Honey Bee’s.
The bumble bee nest is very small, infact not normally bigger than a clenched fist – comprising of just the bumble bee eggs and bee’s.
bumble bee lifecycle
Image courtesy of www.bumblebee.org

If you have a colony of bumble bee’s living in your garden please visit the above web-site for all you need to know about bumble bee’s.

Should you feel that you need to physically remove your bumble bee’s after reading the detailed information on bumble bee .org then it is sometimes possible to relocate them. This tends to be where the nest can be dug up (if they are nesting in the ground) or if they are living in a structure like a bird box.

Our following video demonstrates how you can relocate bee’s that are nesting in a bird box.image
Please remember that any interaction you may have with bee’s is at your own risk.

Happy Bee – Keeping !

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