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waspnestcostOur wasp nest removal charges explained.
So how much does it cost to deal with, kill off, treat, remove etc a “wasp or hornets nest”?
Understandably that’s a question that most people want to know in the summer when they discover that they have an unwanted nest of wasps in their property.—————————————————————————————————
For many homeowners or businesses it will also be the first time they’ve encountered a wasp or hornets nest and may not even have a rough idea of what may be involved in dealing with the wasp problem.
On this website we have lots of information about dealing with wasps. We have three dedicated web pages that deal with the subject from identification, information about  wasp control treatments and also a wasp control video page where we can show you the different types of nests that we come across.

It pays to be a bit informed on the subject to get a view on what is a fair justified charge for a responsible effective wasp control treatment. Especially if you’ve never had to call a pest control company before.
You can then hopefully be able to make an informed choice on choosing the right treatment service for you.


Charges for wasp nest treatments can vary significantly. We’ve heard of some companies charging up to £150 for dealing with just one wasp nest! That said we’re a bit skeptical on the integrity of those business who don’t seem to belong to any trade association or recognised approval schemes such as “buy with confidence”.

A few key pointers for when choosing a company, which may be obvious but are worth noting may be:-

1. Always ask for a price of how much it costs to deal with a wasp nest OR more than one wasp nest before a treatment is arranged. It has been known (from a minority few) for a “low price” to be quoted over the phone to deal with a wasp or hornets nest and then “built up” when an operative is on site (see above).

2. Be wary if the price quoted seems too cheap. Remember the old adage “buy cheap, pay twice!” how much would it cost to put right if the treatment doesn’t work from an opportunist trader?

3. The cost to deal with your wasp nest is more than likely going to be for dealing with just one wasp nest. If you can see that you have wasps entering your property in several places it is very likely that you have more than one wasp nest. Be sure to have a thorough look around your property and give the pest control company as much information as possible to give you an accurate price.

4. Ask if the pest control company is willing to survey your property to look for other wasp nests (they should do free of charge). It will be a lot cheaper to deal with 2-3 wasp nests at the same time rather than paying for a separate visit in the future.

5. Don’t expect an active wasp nest to be actually “physically removed”. Chemical treatments are normally applied that can take up to 24-48 hrs to be effective.

6. Whilst removal of a dead nest is not necessary, a return visit would normally be required at an additional fee if requested by you.

7. For peace of mind check to see if the company can offer any references  for similar work carried out or is a member of a scheme like “buy with confidence” or a member of the British Pest Control Association.

8. Ask if there are any guarantee’s if the wasp nest treatment doesn’t work first time. Typically there should be if the job is done right in the first place.

For a graphical illustration of how we calculate our wasp nest treatment charges at Countrywide, please view our video below.
Hopefully our video gives you an idea for what could be involved and gives you a benchmark of something to compare too.

We hope you enjoy a happy “wasp free summer”!


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