Common Clothes Moth – What to look for and how to treat

Your Carpets or your Cashmere?

With Spring approaching and the warmer months on their way, insects are waking up. Amongst the first, largely also because they are already lurking in the background, are Common Clothes Moth and other “textile” pests.
Infestataions of Common Clothes Moth and their counterparts such as Case Baring Clothes moth and Varied Carpet Beetle are also on the rise.

Common Clothes Moth illustration

Common Clothes Moth illustration

So why the increase?

Central Heating in homes and warmer summers has lead to the insects breeding all year round.  Common Clothes moth also avoid the light and hide away in dark knooks and crannies. This makes their early detection difficult as a result.
In fact, quite often they’re not even noticed at all until you pull out that old chest of drawers from the wall or that favorite sweater from the wardrobe, and then you see the tell tale signs of their destruction.

What about DIY remedies?

Getting rid of Clothes Moth can be difficult to achieve with off the shelf insect sprays and Do It Yourself DIY carpet spray remedies. This isnt always the fault of the products themselves but in their selection and correct application.
Also, Clothes Moth lay eggs, lots of them in fact. If a female Common Clothes Moth finds suitable material (natural fibres containing Keratin) she will lay between 50 and 100 eggs right there in the fabric.

These Eggs are impervious to the majority of insecticides and therefore a structured treatment approach is required.

There is hope though, when done correctly and with the right approach in the first place, success can be achieved. However, don’t expect overnight results, it can take several weeks to kill off all stages of the Common clothes moth life cycle.

Professional Common Clothes Moth treatments

So how much does it cost to treat Common Clothes Moth or the other varities of Textile Pests?
Why not use our instant online quotation to find out. Countrywide offer an open pricing policy where you can find out our treatment charges by using our interactive online tools. It only takes about a minute to work out your treatment cost, right here at the top of the page.

Need a bit more information first though? No problem, why not check out our Common Clothes Moth video to get an idea of what to look for and what we can do to help.

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