Wasp nest video surpasses 15,000 YouTube Hits

imageOk so our video hasn’t exactly got “Charlie bit my finger” viewing figures but our “giant wasp nest with a surprise inside” video certainly has had some attention.

This wasp nest (vespula vulgaris) was not only a monster nest it was beautifully constructed.


We were originally called out a few days previously to deal with some very active wasp nests for the home owner. Upon arrival she also informed us that she was selling her house and that building surveyor had requested that some old and the new wasp nests were completely removed from the roof space.

One glance into the attic and you could see why the surveyor was a bit concerned. In addition to the three active wasp nests there was also a massive (4-5 feet across) wasp nest suspended from the roof joists. Upon inspection, no wasps where seen crawling around the outside of the nest (as with the others) and the owner mentioned that it had been there for several years. By all in tense and purposes it was a dead wasp nest.

We agreed to treat the active nests and return several days later to remove the nests when they had had time to be killed off by our insecticide.

Now, its important to note at this point that wasps do not reuse old wasp nests. In fact the general recommendation is that they only need to be killed off and actually physically removing the nest is not necessary as it posses no future threat.


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